Date: 7 September 2018. Purpose: The purpose of the mission was for the ZADF team to visit, tour and learn about the new and more efficient dairy production systems being developed and implemented at Mafuro Farming project located at Grasslands research station in Mash East province. Having an appreciation of these […]

Domboshava Dairy Farmers Co-operative

‘The Difficult Journey’ The journey was a bit difficult from the start as there was no water at the project site cows would travel for long distances to river streams, no reliable market for milk, no equipment ,no adequate stockfeed for the animals and at times cows would be let out […]

Lucia Zvidzayi adopted the beef-dairy

The concept from the Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development program and is now earning monthly income using her three beef cows by delivering 8 liters of milk per day on average to Gokwe Milk Collection Center. GOKWE DAIRY is pioneering the Feed the Future guest dairy (non-member) producer in Gokwe South. […]

Amos Chitungo Honde Valley Dairy Farmer

Amos Chitungo grew up and lives in Honde Valley near Hauna in Mutasa, Manicaland, Eastern Highlands: It enjoys hot, wet weather with heaviest rains in February. Vegetation grows fast and remains green due to humid, warm conditions for the majority of the year. Farming in this climate favours cash crops with […]

Gerald and Michelle Davidson

Gerald Davidson grew up on a dairy farm and has continued in the family tradition. In his current dairy, after a period farming tobacco, he started with 40 cows 6 years ago. The farm now has 450 head of cattle. Daily milk production currently stands at 2 800 litres, milking 135 […]

Washington Sagonda Watsomba Growth Point

After completing his studies, Washington Sagonda came home to assist his father in running the family farm. He began with horticulture and did well but then markets began to change. So he revived his father’s dairy project, attending meetings at the Milk Collection Centre at Tsonzo. In 2012 he produced 25 […]