What ZADF Does

ZADF’s vision is to promote and expand all sectors of the dairy industry in Zimbabwe, with a view to achieving dairy self-sufficiency within the next 5 years.

In support of the Dairy Revitalisation Strategy, ZADF is committed to expansion of the national herd size which will result in increased production.

In 2014, the Small Scale Sector achieved a hugely increased volume of milk delivered by Milk Collection Centres to the formal market, reaching over 2 million litres with a close to 750% increase in income.

Aims and Objectives

Start with a small service

  • To promote, advance and develop the production of milk and dairy products in Zimbabwe.
  • To advance and protect the interests of all sections and categories of producers.
  • By so doing, to play a pivotal anchor role in the dairy industry in Zimbabwe.
Primary Services ZADF provides to its Members:
  • Technical Extension Services.
  • Communications and Information.
  • Lobbying relevant decision makers, departments and agencies, to protect and serve the interests of Members.